Cobb County Students SAT Scores Rise Again, Top State and National by 66+ points

The average SAT score for students in Cobb Schools increased again in 2019 and continued the District’s trend of surpassing the state and national scores. Cobb’s class of 2019 earned an average SAT score of 1114—seven points higher than in 2018. The Cobb students outperformed their state peers by an astounding 66 points and their national peers by a whopping 75 points.  

“The Georgia Milestones scores, Graduation Rate, and now the outstanding SAT scores show that Cobb students are seeing increased success year, after year and at a faster rate than their state and national peers. Their success is a direct reflection of our team’s strategic focus on the achievement of each student,” Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said.  

Cobb students also exceeded the state and national averages in 2018, 2017, and 2016, which was the first year that students began taking the redesigned test that has a maximum possible score of 1600 points. Previously, the maximum score was 2400. The scores include the most recent score for each student who expected to graduate in 2019. 

Almost 5,600 Cobb students in the 2019 class took the SAT, which demonstrates higher participation when compared to the percentage of state test-takers.   

On the evidence-based reading and writing section, Cobb students’ average score of 565 is two points higher than the prior year. For the math section, Cobb students scores increased by five points to 549.  

With a score of 1288, Walton High School students surpassed their Georgia and national peers by 240 points and 249 points respectively. Pope High School (1220) and Lassiter High School (1212) rounded out the list of highest scoring Cobb schools.  

“Walton High School is composed of dedicated staff, teachers, and administrators who work with the parents and the community to provide the best environment possible for our students to thrive. Student success is our goal, and we all work together to make that goal a reality. Our students are driven to succeed and work hard to meet the challenges of rigorous courses that we provide,” said Dr. Catherine L. Mallanda, principal Walton High School. 

Four additional Cobb schools had average scores at or above 1100 or 52 points above the state average: Harrison High School (1123), Hillgrove High School (1100), Kennesaw Mountain High School (1161), and Wheeler High School (1196).  

“Wheeler continues to focus on providing the best overall learning experience for ALL students,” said Wheeler Principal Paul Gillihan. “We strongly believe that SAT scores do not define our students nor our school but only provide evidence of the work that is being done daily to prepare our students for college and careers.” 

With the highest increase in Cobb County, Wheeler High School students’ scores increased by 49 points. The scores from two other Cobb schools rose by more 20 points: Walton High School (26 points), and McEachern High School (21 points.) 

For McEachern’s principal Regina Montgomery, the news is very exciting. 

“We are pleased that the hard work of the students and teachers paid off,” Principal Montgomery said. “This increase can be attributed to teachers working extremely hard to raise the level of rigor in the classes from 9th through 12th grade. Students and teachers are extremely dedicated to our mission, which is “High Levels of Learning for All” and are willing to put in the time necessary to get there.”