Cobb Schools SAT Scores Lead Metro, Georgia, Nation

Not only did more Cobb students take the SAT and not only did Cobb students increase their SAT scores again but they also led all of their metro Atlanta peers by 20+ points with an average score of 1114. When compared to students in other metro school districts, Cobb students scored as much as 170 points higher on the SAT this year while 100 more Cobb students took the SAT than last years class. More students taking the SAT means more Cobb students have access to college while higher scores of course mean those Cobb students have a better chance of being accepted to the college of their choice.

“Our teachers dedicate every day of the year to preparing Cobb students for success after graduation, and the most recent SAT scores are proof of our teachers’ success,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. “We lead the metro because of our dedicated and talented team of educators.”   

Cobb’s graduating class of 2019 widened the gap from 2018 between Cobb Schools and their metro peers many of which saw a drop in their 2019 SAT scores: Cobb (1114); Gwinnett (1,094); Fulton (1,086); Marietta (1,056); DeKalb (994); Atlanta (944); Georgia (1,048); and Nation (1,039).  

In addition to the success on a district level, individual Cobb Schools also stand out when compared to their peers across the state. Two Cobb Schools rank in the top 10 Georgia schools for the highest SAT scores: Walton High School (1288) and Pope High School (1220). Walton is number three in the state.  

When looking at just the Atlanta metro, Cobb has three of the top 10: Walton, Pope, and Lassiter High School (1212). Click here for a more in-depth look at how all Cobb’s schools have improved and continue to demonstrate both growth and a high level of achievement.  

In 2019, Cobb Schools also led most metro peers on the graduation rate and Georgia Milestones.  

“Whether you look at the quality of our teachers, principals, and District leaders or the quality of the teaching and learning which happens in the classroom every day, Cobb Schools serves as a leader in education far beyond metro Atlanta,” said Board of Education Chair David Chastain. “Other school districts are looking to Cobb Schools for a roadmap on how to become the best place to teach, lead, and learn.”