The Gift of Sight: Georgia Doctors of Optometry Provide Free Eye Exams, Frames for Cobb Students

A Fair Oaks Elementary School student covered one eye and tried to read the letters on the eye chart. The student could only read the first line with the largest letter. Another student stepped forward and could only read the letters in the top three lines.  

Without glasses, those two students would have difficulty seeing the boards at the front of the class. They would be missing out on vital classroom learning because they simply could not see.  

Thanks to a recent visit from the Georgia Doctors of Optometry, those students received the gift of sight. Members of the Georgia Optometric Association donated their services to provide free, comprehensive eye exams, and eyewear to the several hundred students at Fair Oaks and Brumby elementary schools. The schools pre-selected students based on their needs.   

According to the Georgia Doctors of Optometry, one in four school-aged children in the United States has an undetected vision problem. With their recent visit, the Georgia doctors aimed to identify and correct the vision problems of those students at Fair Oaks and Brumby. They did the same for hundreds of Cobb students last year at Brumby and Smyrna elementary schools.  

This year, a Fair Oaks student searched through the frames for a pair with hearts. Another student opted for a Disney theme. The students got the opportunity to choose the frames they liked. A volunteer helped the students select the frames with a perfect fit.  

The Georgia Doctors of Optometry partnered with VSP Vision Care for the school eye clinic. VSP Vision Care parked a fully stocked, state-of-the-art, 45-foot mobile eye exam clinic in front of each school. The mobile eye clinic came complete with exam rooms, eyewear displays, and an optical lab.  

The president of the Georgia Optometric Association was one of the doctors who helped students at Fair Oaks Elementary School and is no stranger to the Cobb County School District. Dr. Mehrdad Saadat attended Argyle Elementary School and Garrett Middle School. He is also a graduate of South Cobb High School.  

This is not Dr. Saadat’s first time returning to help Cobb students. In Spring 2019, Dr. Saadat returned for the South Cobb High School Academy of Research and Medical Sciences’ annual White Coat Ceremony. The “cloaking” of high school medical students in the traditional white lab coat marks the student’s transition from the classroom to clinical preparation for the medical field.  

As the keynote speaker, Dr. Saadat aimed to inspire the South Cobb students to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. 

By providing the gift of sight to the students in need at Fair Oaks and Brumby Elementary Schools, Dr. Saadat and his fellow optometrists may have also helped the elementary students see a clearer path to becoming doctors themselves.