Cindy Wadsworth Cements Her Place in Cobb History AND the Hearts of Her Students

“Everyday heroes” rang out from the sweet harmonious voices of the Kemp Elementary School choir. “There are heroes everywhere…There are heroes that never meant to be,” they sang. 

One of those heroes is the 2019 Cobb County School District Teacher of the Year and Kemp third grade teacher Cindy Wadsworth.  

During a recent ceremony on Marietta Square, Cobb’s Teacher of the Year cemented her place in history. Like a movie star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Wadsworth unveiled her handprints permanently fixed among all the prior inspiring Teachers of the Year.  

Wadsworth’s third-grade class stood behind her and cheered. A short time before, she invited her students—her motivation for teaching—to join her on the stage of the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre.  

The students listened intently, along with a theatre full of people, as Cobb’s Teacher of the Year explained why she loves to teach. She told a story about a hero, a man who made her feel like she could do anything. He was her math professor in her freshman year of college.  

“He changed the course of my college experience,” Wadsworth declared.  

Almost 30 years later, she still remembers his class and the way he encouraged her. 

“He was going to do whatever it took to make us understand,” she explained. “I want to have the opportunity to do the same for my students.”  

No matter their background and past academic weaknesses or strengths, Wadsworth strives to make every student who walks in her classroom realize their full potential. She believes in them just like her college professor believed in her so many years before. 

“My hope is that in 30 years, I will have students who look back and say the same thing about me—that I was their hero,” the Kemp teacher confessed. 

Watching Wadsworth’s students look up with admiration at their teacher on the stage and standing over her handprints cemented into history, it is clear. She is already a hero in their eyes. 

“Teachers, like Cindy Wadsworth, impact our future with the way they inspire and encourage students to succeed. Our future is bright because of all the Cindy Wadsworths who fill Cobb classrooms. She is a hero. All our teachers are heroes,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

Cobb Schools will recognize all the Teachers of the Year from across the district at the community’s annual Teacher of the Year Pep Rally on October 29. Wadsworth, along with the Cobb Middle School and High School Level Teachers of the Year, will also have the opportunity to reach into a bag to draw the key to a new car that they will drive free for a year thanks to Ed Voyles Automotive Group.   

After the community celebrations, Cobb’s Teacher of the Year will have an opportunity to be crowned Georgia’s Teacher of the Year. If she wins, she will get to keep the car. No matter what, she has already won the hearts of her students.  

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