This is Cobb: Angee Scott Has Safely Transported More than 5,000 students

When Angee Scott climbed behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus for the first time, it was a bus driver’s flexible schedule and health benefits that wooed her. She soon discovered, however, what keeps some bus drivers on the job for four decades. It’s the kids. 

I realized that school bus driving was more than a job. I fell in love with transporting my students to and from school while developing a mentoring relationship with each of them,” Scott revealed.    

The seasoned bus driver has served in Cobb for more than 10 years. Driving the bus is now in her blood, she says. It’s a part of her. 

Through the years, she has transported students to Hollydale Elementary School, Osborne High School, Smitha Middle School, McEachern High School, Cheatham Hill Elementary School, Lovinggood Middle School, and Hillgrove High School.  

In her current position as a retainer for Area 2, she serves 13 elementary schools, five middle schools, and three high schools. So, she could run any of the bus routes in that area, which requires her to be very flexible and knowledgeable of an entire cluster of schools instead of only one bus route.  

“I love mentoring my students. I say to so many people who ask, I sit in a seat of opportunity. I have the opportunity to influence so many kids. I do that by having ‘life’ conversations with my students,” Scott explained. 

Scott estimates that she has transported more than 5,000 students safely to school and back home and on field trips. She treats the students like her own. One of the students on her bus, in fact, was her child.  

“My favorite memory was watching the stunned look on my son’s face. He was a 6th grader at the time when he found out that I would be his bus driver. Priceless! This happened the first year I was hired,” Scott recounted. 

The veteran drive strives to keep her students safe every day. She always reminds them to sit back-to-back, bottom-to-bottom with their bookbags in their laps.  

National and Georgia School Bus Safety Week is October 21-25, which spotlights the school bus as the safest form of student transportation. That’s especially true with drivers like Angee Scott.  

In addition to getting her students to school safely and on time every day, she leads the outside recruiting team for the Cobb Schools Transportation Department and teaches the CDL Permit Prep Class. 

When she steps off the bus, Scott takes her life conversations to the airwaves with her weekly radio show ‘Level Up.’ She turns up the mic to discuss life-related topics every Sunday 3-6 p.m. on Mixx106Radio.  

Only a few of Scott’s students know about the bus driver’s side gig on a radio show. When students have found out, their reaction makes the veteran bus driver laugh. 

“[The students] are quite surprised because they never thought that bus drivers could do anything else,” Scott chuckled.  

Scott launched her radio career in 2016 and through her platform aims to give people an opportunity to tell their stories. She sets out to inspire her radio audience just like she does the students who ride on her bus every day.