CCRP What? The Ins and Outs of State Test Scores


Dr. Ehsan Kattoula
– Assistant Superintendent of Accountability, Research & Grants
Dr. Casey Jones
– Director of Accountability

01:14    Who Requires the Testing?
02:42 What is CCRPI?
03:37 CCRPI Components
04:27 Readiness for Advancement
05:38 The Growth Component
08:16 Milestones is Only a Snapshot
09:51 Cobb's Teaching and Learning System (CTLS)
10:40 Seniors' End of Course Tests Impact
13:21 CCRPI's Impact
15:24 Students Just Passing Through
18:57 CTLS Helps Transient Students
20:41 Words of Wisdom for Parents

Cobb Schools’ data analysis experts discuss Georgia’s testing requirements and how that impacts our students and families.

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