Cobb Schools Students Surpass State, Nation on ACT

18 Cobb Students Return Perfect ACT Scores of 36  

Like the SATgraduation rate, and Georgia Milestones, students in Cobb Schools increased their scores on the ACT in 2019 and topped the Georgia and national averages.  

The Cobb County School District’s average composite ACT score of 23 is 1.6 points higher than the Georgia average of 21.4 and an astounding 2.3 points higher than the national average of 20.7. The Cobb Schools 2019 graduating class increased their SAT score by 0.2 points over the 2018 score. 

“Once again I get the chance to say how proud I am of our students and point to our staff as the reason why. We have seen steady improvement in almost every way possible over the last five years and there’s one simple reason: our teachers. They’re using student data to better support students and it works,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

The composite ACT score is based on curriculum-based tests in English, math, reading, and science. Cobb students scored above the Georgia and national averages in every subject area: English (22.8); math (22.3); reading (23.8); and science (22.6). The scores include the most recent score for each student who graduated in 2019. 

Eighteen students in Cobb’s 2019 graduating class returned perfect composite scores of 36. Those students represent seven Cobb schools. With six, Walton High School had the most students with perfect scores. Kennesaw Mountain High school and Wheeler High School each had four students who scored a 36 on the ACT. Campbell High School, Kell High School, Lassiter High School, and Pope High School also graduated one student with a perfect ACT score in 2019.  

“The ACT results for the Class of 2019 are truly a testament to our community of learners, which includes the students, staff, and families, committing to do everything we can to help students succeed. Our students have worked hard to meet the challenges that our teachers have placed in front of them as we try to help all students reach their next level of success,” praised Kennesaw Mountain High School Principal Nathan Stark. 

Kennesaw Mountain High School was also one of the five Cobb Schools with ACT scores above 24. Of that group, Walton High School students achieved an average composite score of 27.4—the highest in the district. Lassiter High School and Pope High School rounded out the top three with composite scores of 26 and 25.3 respectively.  

“These scores are tangible proof of the hard work and dedication of our teachers, staff, students, and community. Our teachers and administrators challenge the students to achieve, our students respond to these challenges by working hard to reach their goals, and the community supports our efforts in everything we do. Student success is what Walton is all about,” said Dr. Catherine Mallanda, Walton principal.  

Three Cobb schools saw a composite score gain of more than one point: Kell High School (1.7), Lassiter High School (1.2), and Osborne High School (1.2). 

Osborne was also one of the two schools to increase their score on a subject-area test by more than two points. Osborne students raised their reading score by 2.6 points while Kell students posted an English score 2.1 points higher than in 2018.  

“Our staff has been true to using data to make educational decisions. This process along with an educational framework has improved teaching and learning at Osborne High School,” explained Osborne Principal Josh Morreale. 

Members of the Cobb Schools Board of Education are excited that the school community’s investment in each student is demonstrating such a high rate of return.  

“Our students’ high achievement on the ACT is something our entire District and the Cobb community can be proud of,” said Brad Wheeler, Cobb Schools Board of Education Vice-Chair. “Test scores aren’t everything but they do let a community know their tax dollars have been invested well.”