Join Cobb in Celebrating: It’s Georgia School Bus Driver, Bus Monitor Appreciation Day

School Bus Safety Week reminds the community of the role they play in keeping students safe.  

About 1,000 buses travel the roads of the Cobb County School District every day.  

The drivers behind the wheels of the big yellow buses are responsible for transporting about 70,000 Cobb students to and from school safely every day. They are the first ones to greet the students with a smile in the morning and the last school staff to say goodbye at the end of the day. 

Whether the sun is bright or inclement weather is looming, the bus drivers keep the students safe. Their rigorous training prepares them to navigate the metro rush hours and the frantic commuters scrambling to get bread and milk when the forecast calls for snow.  

For all that our team does to make the school bus the safest form of student transportation, Cobb Schools STOPS to honor Georgia School Bus Driver and Bus Monitor Appreciation Day on October 21. 

The annual celebration is part of National School Bus Safety Week, which runs October 21-25. The safety week reminds students, parents, and motorists of the important role each plays in ensuring that students are protected on the bus and while waiting at the bus stop.  

One key factor in protecting Cobb students rests with motorists obeying the law and stopping for Cobb’s school buses as students board and exit. Because children are unpredictable, drivers must do more than just obey the law. Motorists must have an overall heightened safety awareness. They should expect the unexpected as children wait at bus stops and as they get on and off their school bus. 

“Please pledge to drive MINDFULLY! Inattentiveness while driving around school buses is injuring, harming and killing our children,” said Melissa Wandall, President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads. “Our children are our most vulnerable road users and our highest priority is to protect them. Creating mindfulness, alert driving habits contribute to a better quality of life for these children. Let’s all work together to achieve fewer victims and fewer violators. Be a part of the solution #STOP on Red!”  

Cobb’s award-winning Transportation team has provided safe access to learning for students through secure and dependable transportation. School buses also lessen the number of cars on the road. In fact, it would take 36 cars to do the job of one school bus. 

The safety of the yellow school bus is unparalleled by any other means of automotive transportation. School buses meet state and federal safety specifications. In addition, all Cobb school bus operators receive rigorous, specialized training on a variety of topics before they can take the wheel behind the bus.   

Earlier this year, Cobb’s Transportation Department won Georgia’s top transportation safety award. One way that Cobb helps keep bus riders safe is by minimizing the time they have to wait at bus stops. Parents and students now have access to the “Here Comes the Bus” app that enables them to track their bus in real-time on a map, just like they are waiting for an Uber ride.  

“This week is an excellent time to teach and reiterate to students and parents simple measures they can take while going to and from the bus stop, getting on and off the bus, and riding on the bus. It also gives us a chance to thank and honor the professional school bus drivers and monitors who devote themselves to transporting our most precious cargo,” said Rick Grisham, Cobb Schools Executive Director of Transportation. 

How to Say Thank You to Bus Drivers and Monitors for Keeping Students Safe: 

  • Say it with a smile and a wave. When you see a bus drive by or pick up your child at the bus stop, smile and wave 
  • Notes are great too! Grab a pen and write a note for a bus driver you know or have your student draw a picture or make a poster for them. It will make their day. 
  • Get Social. Take the thank you messages to social media 
  • Announce it on the News: On the school’s morning news, remind students to thank their bus driver. 
  • Smile for the camera! Bus drivers are an important part of the school family so give them pictures of your students and staff that they can treasure on their daily road trips.  
  • Don’t forget the food. Like teachers, bus drivers love special treats, goodie bags, and meals. Sometimes even a bottle of water will let the driver know that you care. 
  • STOP and say thank you. Yes, sometimes all they need to hear is a simple thank you to put a smile on their face.