Let’s Read! Community Donates Books to Hollydale Elementary Students

Thanks to books, students go on adventures in far off places. They swim with sharks and ride unicorns. History comes alive as they hear from heroes of centuries past. They read about students just like them and the careers they will one day pursue. 

As a result of community donations, every student at Hollydale Elementary School now has a whole bag of adventures, dreams, and knowledge. 

When the students at Hollydale first peeped inside their new bag of books, their eyes twinkled, and their smiles widened as if they had just been handed a bag of treasure. They could not wait to return to their classroom and start reading, to step off into the world of imagination and learning.  

To celebrate the book giveaway, Georgia State University cheerleaders and the mascot Pounce welcomed the Hollydale students into the school’s imagination center—aka the media center.  

Students immediately started reading and showing off their new books to their friends and teachers. The books are theirs to keep, to take home, to read, and to share. 

In addition to the bag of books, some of the students even got the opportunity for a surprise storytime with Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.  

Cobb Schools Board Vice-Chair Brad Wheeler also popped in to encourage the Hollydale students to continue their love of reading. During his visit, one Hollydale student asked Mr. Wheeler who inspired him to become a teacher and he told the students that it was one of his own teachers. 

Perhaps, one of the Hollydale students will be inspired by one of their teachers or even something they read in their new bag of books.