Cobb Horizon High School Partners with MUST Ministries to Open Food Pantry

Principal John Kelly said his team is always looking for new ways to help students be more successful at Cobb Horizon High School. 

The staff directs most of their support toward helping the Cobb Horizon students graduate, but sometimes that means helping the students with basic needs, like food. 

Recognizing the growing need of students with food insecurities, Cobb Horizon staff set out to partner with MUST Ministries to open a food pantry inside the school. The MUST team and Cobb Horizon recently held the official ribbon cutting for the pantry, which is stocked to support more than 10 families.  

Because the pantry began serving Cobb Horizon students and their families at the beginning of the school year, the school was able to provide for those students in need over Fall break.  

Without the pantry, the school break may have greatly impacted at least one Cobb Horizon student who had an increased need for food at home. The school staff took steps to prevent that from happening. Because one student was uncomfortable taking her groceries home on the bus, the school staff even coordinated with the campus officer to deliver the food from the pantry to the student’s home. That’s just one example of how much the staff inside Cobb’s newest high school cares about their students.  

The teachers and administrators at Cobb Horizon provide students—many of whom have faced trials and adversity of some kind—with individualized support to help the students reach the graduation stage. So far this school year, eight students have already rung the graduation bell and 50 more are expected to graduate in December. 

After cutting the ribbon on the new food pantry, Dr. Ike Reighard spoke to the entire student body of Cobb Horizon High School. He aimed to inspire the students and encouraged them to take steps to make their dreams a reality. 

“Dreams can change everything for us,” the MUST Ministries President and CEO said. “We all need dreams.”