The Pep Rally of the Year Celebrates Cobb’s Teachers of the Year

If they did not already know how much their students love them and how much the community appreciates what they do every day, Cobb’s Teachers of the Year certainly knew it when they walked into the Pep Rally of the Year.  

From the marching band and cheerleader escort to the cardboard cutouts of their faces bobbing up and down amid the crowd of squealing students, the recent event was completely dedicated to the district’s top teachers.   

The 31st annual Teacher of the Year Pep Rally is part of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce’s “Give Our Schools a Hand” program. Teachers of the Year from every public school in Cobb County were the guests of honor on October 29.   

The auditorium of Roswell Street Baptist Church erupted in a roar as the honored guests walked through a sea of banners, posters, and pompoms.  

The students waved their signs and posters of their teacher’s face, desperately trying to grab the attention of their favorite educator. 

Many smiled and waved, but some of the Teachers of the Year looked a bit awe-struck like they could not believe all the cheers and applause were for them. They did not know they were celebrities in their students’ eyes, but they do now.   

Each teacher got an extra moment in the spotlight when they walked across the stage to accept their Teacher of the Year plaque from Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.  

“Our teachers deserve to know how much the community values the work they do with students,” said Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. “Our teachers are the best. The success of our students proves it. Thank you to the community for helping our teachers feel like the rock stars they really are every day in the classroom.” 

Cobb Teacher of the Year Level winners got an extra thank you from one of the “Give Our Schools a Hand” sponsors—Ed Voyles Automotive Group. Cobb’s District Level Teacher of Year is Cindy Wadsworth, Kemp Elementary School. The Middle School Level and High School Level Teachers of the Year are Casey Taylor, Pine Mountain Middle School, and Hilary Minich, Lassiter High School.  

During the pep rally, the three Cobb teachers, plus Marietta City’s winner, learned where they would be shopping for a new car.  

Each year, Ed Voyles gives the teachers an opportunity to draw the name of the brand of car they will drive—for free—for the next year. If a Cobb Teacher of the Year goes on to win Georgia Teacher of the Year, Ed Voyles will give the teacher the car to keep forever.  

What kind of car will the teachers choose? The community will find out very soon when the teachers pick up the keys to their new cars at the Cobb Chamber of Commerce’s First Monday Breakfast in November.   

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