Newsweek Names 8 Cobb Schools to List of Top STEM Schools

Wheeler High School Ranks #64 in the Nation 

Honoring excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Newsweek announced its ranking of the top 5,000 STEM high schools for 2019. The top schools include eight from the Cobb County School District.  

Wheeler High School broke the top 100 securing the ranking of 64 out of all the high schools across the country. Earlier this year, named Wheeler High School the #2 STEM Program in the nation.  

Wheeler’s Principal, Paul Gillihan, praised his excellent staff for the school’s continued success. “This year Wheeler is celebrating their 20th year as a STEM Magnet during which time our graduates have gone on to amazing careers in STEM industries and beyond.  At Wheeler, it is our dedicated faculty and staff that has made our school one of the top STEM schools in the nation.  When you give students a chance to explore, question, and expand their creativity in a safe and supportive environment – you have fashioned an environment where growth, achievement, and understanding thrive.”

In addition to Wheeler, Newsweek also ranked Walton High School high at #309. (U.S. News and World Report ranked Walton High School as #161 among all high schools in the nation and #99 for STEM schools.)  

According to Newsweek, some of the other top STEM high schools in the nation include Kennesaw Mountain High School (#1,024); Lassiter High School (#1,105), Pope High School (#1,518), Harrison High School (#2,712), Hillgrove High School (#4,287), and Allatoona High School (#4,308).   

With its long history of reporting on scientific breakthroughs, technological revolutions, and societal challenges, Newsweek partnered with to rank America’s Best STEM High Schools. The list includes schools in every region of the country that offer skilled teachers who keep up with developments in these fields and who create dynamic learning environments to engage their students.   

The top 5,000 schools were curated from Educational Research™ (SER) using a proprietary scoring logic that took into consideration a broad set of quantitative and qualitative data inputs collected from Q2 2015–Q3 2019.  

The purpose was to determine which primary and secondary institutions in America offer students the best STEM experiences as defined by the Congressional Research Service—while preparing them for post‐secondary outcomes. Additional factors, including affluence and median household income, were taken into consideration in compiling the rankings. 

“Children don’t realize it, but they’re natural STEM students,” says Nancy Cooper, Newsweek Global Editor in Chief. “We need to make sure that innate drive, curiosity, and creativity aren’t lost along the way. These high schools are helping to ensure America’s future in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is in good hands.”   

The Cobb County School District does not wait until high school to introduce students to STEM. In fact, the district recently recognized 11 teachers for their commitment to STEM education. Many of the teachers honored teach at the elementary or middle school level. Schools across the district stand out for their commitment to STEM education. Together, Cobb Schools carry almost 50 STEM and STEAM Certifications.