Cobb Schools Students Soar in 2019

Before the new school year even started, news about Cobb students’ success started rolling in. State accountability measures are released every few weeks over the fall and each state or national assessment has shown, once again, that Cobb’s students are growing and achieving at a faster rate than peers around the metro, state, and nation.  

John Floresta, Chief Strategy and Accountability Officer, updated the Board on Cobb’s student accomplishments in 2019 and explained how each accountability measure is telling the same story: Cobb students are growing faster and accomplishing more than their peers in other districts. Echoing Superintendent Ragsdale, Floresta credited teachers being given the time and resources to do what they do best: teach with as little red tape as possible. He also pointed to school improvement supports led by Assistant Superintendent Ehsan Kattoula, the leadership of the entire assistant superintendent team, quality of Cobb principals, and Cobb’s digital eco-system, the Cobb Teaching and Learning System (CTLS). 

The release of the Georgia Milestones data in July 2019 showed that Cobb students not only increased their scores from prior years, they also outperformed their peers across the state and metro Atlanta. In fact, Cobb high school students earned higher mean scores than their peers in all subject areas of Georgia Milestones and in all grade levels.  

When the state released the graduation rate for Cobb’s Class of 2019, it showed that more Cobb students are prepared for a successful future. At 86.98%, the class of 2019 boasted the highest graduation rate since the current method of measuring the graduation rate began in 2012. When examining the graduation rate for those students who enrolled in a Cobb high school for at least two years, Cobb’s cohort graduation rate jumped to about 92%. 

Cobb students topped the metro, state, and nation on the ACT and SAT all the while increasing their scores over the prior years. Actually, Cobb students led all of their metro Atlanta peers by 20+ points on the SAT with an average score of 1114. For the ACT, eighteen Cobb students returned perfect composite scores of 36.  

Because of all the prior positive assessment results, it was not a surprise when Georgia’s College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) demonstrated the success of Cobb Schools across all levels and all grade levels. Cobb Schools is home to Georgia’s top-scoring elementary school—Timber Ridge Elementary School.  Three of the top 10 middle schools and high schools are also part of the Cobb team.   

“Our mission is One Team, One Goal, Student Success, and our staff and community live that every single day. Whether it is a state or national assessment, the results prove that our team’s commitment and the philosophy of giving more and better student data to teachers is leading to student success,” said Cobb Schools Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.