They Did it Again! Tritt Elementary School Celebrates National Legacy of Excellence

Eager to excel, extremely engaged, magnificent, positively perfect…those are the terms Tritt Elementary School students used to describe their school community when they recently celebrated Tritt being named, once again, a National Blue Ribbon School.  

Despite the cool temperature, Tritt students and their teachers held a dance party outside to recognize the school’s achievement for being named one of the country’s elite Exemplary High Performing Schools.  

The U.S. Department of Education recognition is no surprise to Principal Karen Carstens. She said Tritt has the best staff in the entire nation—a staff who love their jobs and it shows. 

“Thank you to the teachers for your hard work. Your work doesn’t go unnoticed,” echoed Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods, who joined Tritt for the National Blue Ribbon celebration.  

2019 is not the first year that Tritt Elementary School earned the National Blue Ribbon Award, which only went to six schools in the state of Georgia this year. Tritt also won the award in 2013.  

Because they helped build Tritt’s legacy of excellence, three former Tritt principals returned to help the community celebrate the school’s latest achievement.  

“The Blue Ribbon award honors not only what has been done in the past, but what [schools] are doing currently. [It] is very special to see that they are still continuing that excellence, and it is being recognized. Tritt is such a special school,” said Karen Frost, who served as principal during the school’s first National Blue Ribbon recognition.  

Sope Creek Elementary School was also named a National Blue Ribbon School, bringing the total National Blue Ribbon Awards for Cobb Schools to 27. 

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