Take High School to the Next Level: Learn Why the Cobb Innovation & Technology Academy is Right for You

Imagine attending high school and building your professional resume at the same time.  

Imagine securing career certifications before you even walk across the graduation stage.  

Imagine getting dual enrollment college credit for your high school classwork.  

Imagine you could accomplish all that for free and start earning as much as five times the minimum wage before the ink is dry on your high school diploma.  

If you attend Cobb Schools’ new Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy (CITA), you do not have to imagine it. That could be your reality.  

The state-of-the-art learning academy for 9-12th graders is designed to prepare students to lead tomorrow’s workforce. Whether students aim to embark on lucrative careers straight out of high school or shorten the length and expense of college, CITA will prepare both groups for success. 

Students will be able to choose from fifteen career pathways with real-life applications ranging from cybersecurity, welding, and surgical technology to electrical, masonry, and patient care.  

The academy will provide Cobb students with a hands-on approach to learning, which will include work-based learning opportunities, internships, and job shadowing.  

The academy is scheduled to welcome its first class of students in 2020. The brand-new facility is currently being constructed thanks to Ed-SPLOST on the campus adjacent to Osborne High School. Students and parents interested in learning more are invited to attend one of the following informational sessions: 

  • Monday, December 16, 6:00 pm – North Cobb High School Performing Arts Center 
  • Tuesday, December 17, 6:00 pm – Campbell High School Performing Arts Center 
  • Tuesday, January 14, 6:00 pm – South Cobb High School Performing Arts Center 

The Cobb Innovation and Technology Academy just may be your chance to follow your dreams. Applications are currently being accepted. 

Apply here: https://rebrand.ly/CobbMagnetPrograms