Cobb Schools Social Workers Win Collaboration Award

More than 30 school social workers serve Cobb students. They work with staff, students, and their families to ensure they have access to the resources they need to not only attend school but thrive.  

They work with community groups to collect school supplies for those in need. They take steps, like opening a food pantry, to alleviate food insecurities for students at their schools. They collaborate with community groups to improve the welfare of Cobb students. For example, they team up with organizations, like the Cobb County Police, to deliver holiday cheer to those in need with the Shop with a Cop program. 

They focus on the individual needs of students and their families. When a single mother of five needed a car to get to work, a Cobb School social worker coordinated with Autogift to get the mom back on the road.  

The way a Cobb Social Worker stepped in to help a Baker Elementary School mom get the keys to a happy New Year will make you grab a tissue box. 

Those are just a few examples of what Cobb Schools social workers do every single day. That is why Cobb Collaborative selected the Cobb Schools Social Workers, under the leadership of Ana Murphy, as the winner of the 2019 William A Hanson Collaboration Award. The award, which was presented at the Human Services Awards Luncheon at the Mansour Conference Center in Marietta, paid tribute to the way the Cobb Schools Social Workers engage the community and freely share the resources they uncover.   

“We are delighted to recognize the School Social Workers of the Cobb County School District for [their] outstanding collaborative efforts to enhance and improve the educational journey of not only students but their families. As the supervisor of the CCSD School Social Workers, [Ana Murphy has] set the tone for this work, and we are so pleased to recognize [her] efforts,” said Irene M. Barton, executive director of Cobb Collaborative.  

The William E. (Bill) Hanson Collaboration Award was established in 2008 in honor of his more than 25 years of service to Cobb County. Each year, the Cobb Collaborative Luncheon Committee, in consultation with key stakeholders, identifies a person or organization, like the Cobb Schools Workers, who represent the true meaning of collaboration.  

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