South Cobb High School Hosts Holiday Feast for School Community

The holidays are a time when family comes together to celebrate with food, entertainment, and games. Jolly Old Saint Nick may even be part of the festivities.  

That’s exactly what happened at South Cobb High School’s holiday feast. Members of the school family came from all around the community. 

The event welcomed the families of all the elementary, middle, and high schools in the South Cobb High School cluster. 

There was food, laughter, dancing, hugs, and lots of smiles. Santa even popped in to deliver some extra holiday cheer to the proud South Cobb community.   

“My thought behind this cluster holiday feast was simply to have the families in our community get to know each other, at all grade levels, because ultimately we’ll all cross paths at one point or another while their children are in our cluster schools,” said South Cobb Principal T.J. Perry.