Riverside Intermediate Community Reaches Beyond Classroom to Support Students

Touting the mission, A Student Focus, Family Friendly, Learning Community, it is evident Riverside Intermediate’s faculty and leadership recognizes the importance of engaging families and the community to increase student success. Many families in the Riverside community struggle to meet basic needs. Intentionally and strategically, Riverside Intermediate partners with the community to establish programs to ensure students arrive each day ready to learn.   

Thanks to the help of community partners, Riverside Intermediate maintains a food pantry on campus, a uniform closet, and an annual Angel Tree program to provide Christmas for more than a dozen homeless students.  

Another program launched with the support of the community supports the literacy development of students outside of school. Riverside’s Little Lending Libraries program was initiated to provide Riverside students with better access to books. The Lending Libraries are strategically placed in the community for students to gain access to books.   

Four libraries, built much like big birdhouses, were constructed and donated by a community volunteer. Three have found permanent homes in the community. One is at the Boys and Girls Club on Riverside Pkwy, another at Premier Academy Daycare, the third is at The Waverly Mobile Home Village, and the fourth is located on campus at Riverside. Communities in Schools, Passion City Church, and individual community members have donated books to ensure Riverside’s Lending Libraries are continually stocked with quality, age-appropriate books.  The idea is to take a book, leave a book. However, the Lending Libraries do require monitoring and restocking regularly.  

The Lending Libraries have forged a link, within the community, between the school and the Lending Library partners. Riverside’s partnership with the Boys and Girls Club has led to community workshops at the club during which Riverside teachers conduct parent engagement workshops for literacy and math. Premier Academy is next to Premier Apartments, which is one of the largest complexes zoned into Riverside Intermediate.  

Based on the community response to the Lending Libraries, there is no denying the impact the program is having on the students and their families. 

One 5th grade student residing in The Waverly said, “I think it is cool. I like to check and see what books I can find.”   

A parent at Premier Learning Academy daycare reported she and her child enjoy looking in the library and swapping out books.  Like schools throughout the Cobb County School District, Riverside Intermediate is continually looking for new ways to expand learning and support beyond the school campus.  

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