Cobb Student Philanthropy – “Be The Good”

A quick survey of philanthropic slogans throughout the district turns up themes that rival some of advertising’s greatest campaigns in both creativity and caring. 

Bullard Elementary leads the way with some outstanding imaginative themes. “Share What You Can” is the label for one of the Bullard food drives, with its “SOUPer Bowl of Caring” featured in prime time. 

Bullard’s “Pennies for Paws” describes its benefit for the Kennesaw rescue shelter, Mostly Mutts, and its “Socktober” -fest gives real pizzazz to the lowly and sometimes forgotten sock drive.  

#DueGood is Due West Elementary’s stand-up theme, with its straightforward corollary, “Be The Good.”  

These slogans and more are just a sampling of the caring campaigns alive throughout Cobb schools. And while the total community service hours logged by students is undoubtedly sky-high, the positive impact on local non-profits is exponential. Counting more than 110 schools in the district, that’s a lot of lovin’ goin’ on! 

Reports recently cited the following philanthropic campaigns: 

  • Lost Mountain Middle School and its Helping Hands Foundation raised an exemplary $22,374 for the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer. 
  • Due West Elementary School and their #DueGood campaign donated warm clothing to MUST Ministries, food to the Calvary Children’s Home, and aid to The Center for Children & Young Adults (CCYA). 
  • Tapp Middle School raised relief for the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian in addition to serving at the Trinity Food Bank by sending over 50 hands-on volunteers.  
  • Bullard Elementary School and other schools combined collected tens of thousands of non-perishable foodstuffs for our neighbors in need.  
  • Garrison Mill Elementary School second-graders collected 96 pairs of pajamas for students in need.  
  • Kindergarteners from Harmony Leland Elementary School presented holiday greeting cards to residents at Peachtree Creek Memory Care. 

The list goes on and on!