Beta Testers and Computer Coding: Unlocking Creative Potential

 Eighth grade CS/STEM students at Barber Middle School are excitedly awaiting the results of their entry into a unique nation-wide music re-mix competition, sponsored by Amazon and Georgia Tech. 

The students used their computer science and coding skills to creatively code and re-mix hit songs by the Grammy-Award winning singer, Ciara. According to their teacher Saundra Watts, the Barber students are likely the only middle schoolers participating in the contest.  

Coding, the Barber teacher says, teaches students problem-solving, critical thinking, persistence, math skills, processing skills, and creativity—all in one project. 

“The students got permission to act as Beta Testers,” Watts explained. “They used a new music coding platform called EarSketch, which was developed by a team from The Georgia Institute of Technology. They completed the EarSketch Hour of Code and used the programming language Python.” 

Beta Tester is the term for a software product tester.  

The contest is the latest addition to Amazon’s Future Engineer Project. Contest results will be announced in February.