Shallowford Elementary Students Launch Coats4Kids Campaign

With old man winter causing the thermostat to plummet, Shallowford Elementary students realized the blistering reality of how the cold impacts those in need.  

Leah Conroy’s fifth-grade class listened as she talked about students—students in their own Cobb community—who lacked coats, scarves, or gloves to keep them warm.  

That wasn’t a reality the Shallowford students could accept. 

The students created an action plan to meet the needs of their fellow students around the county. Their plan covered all the details from ways to deliver the message about the campaign and how and where to collect the coats to how to keep the coats organized, and most importantly, how to quickly get the coats to those who need them most.  

Students decided that they would focus the coat collection on the students of Hollydale Elementary School, which is Shallowford Falls’ sister school. Some students wrote scripts, filmed, and produced a short video to explain the need. Some students came up with the hashtag #coats4kids, while others designed a poster. Thanks to their planning and marketing, the project grew and spread. Information about the drive was shared on the school news and classroom newsletters.  

Thanks to the determined class of 10 and 11-year-olds, the #coats4kids drive collected, sorted, and tracked data of over 100 coats that came into Shallowford Falls. They worked collaboratively to organize and distribute coats to meet the needs at Hollydale. Students also decided to write letters of encouragement to put in the pockets of the jackets…such a personal touch to show how much they care. 

The Shallowford students were able to provide brand new coats for 14 students at Hollydale. They also donated 57 like-new jackets to Lassiter High School’s coat drive for Marietta City Schools, and 29 brand new coats to the Georgia Division of Family & Children Services, which currently has 610 children in foster care.  

What does the commitment and compassion of these fifth graders say about the Cobb community? It says a lot about the future of philanthropy in Cobb and beyond.  

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