Cobb EMC Community Foundation Extends Student Support, Helps Families in Need Through After School Scholarships

“…this scholarship makes it so that I can put the money that would normally go towards [my children’s] care towards purchasing a vehicle, which will, in turn, return some normalcy to our lives. I am grateful that such a resource even exists.” 

Those words of appreciation are from a Cobb County School District mother of three whose children are able to attend the After School Program thanks to the generous donation of the Cobb EMC Community Foundation.  

The Cobb Schools Foundation has long looked to partners, like the Cobb EMC Community Foundation, to help provide after school scholarships to economically disadvantaged K-5 students. Young students who attend an after school program have extended support that might not otherwise exist in an empty house of a working family.  

As a result of the 35 after school scholarships provided by the Cobb EMC Community Foundation, those working families can work additional and more traditional hours in support of their families.  

“We know that helping these families will have a positive outcome in the long run. Helping families work normal hours will put food on their tables, and that’s what we’re about. We’re about supporting student success in whatever terms presented,” said Frank Wigington, chairman for Cobb Schools Foundation.

Hearing the story of one of the parent recipients illustrates the impact of the scholarships:   

“I have always managed to budget and cover all the costs for our family, no matter how impossible it seems at times,” one Cobb parent revealed. “I had found a way to budget and keep everything in order. I found myself not having enough finances to even skate by. After applying for many resources through the DHS and not meeting the criteria for benefits, I was beginning to feel more than overwhelmed.” 

Here’s how the parent felt after receiving the scholarship:  

“An immense load of worry and stress have been lifted by something that can seem like such a small thing,” the parent expressed with relief.  

Almost 50,000 students qualify for free and reduced lunch throughout the school district. Providing after-school scholarships is part of a larger goal to provide family stabilization by supporting the Cobb Schools Foundation.

“Preventing homelessness, helping students purchase their cap and gown, or an after school scholarship are examples of how our social workers develop meaningful relationships that help us identify families that really need support. Students perform better and can be more mentally available with a reduction of home challenges that they cannot control,” said Ana Murphy School Social Work Supervisor.

To learn how to support students with after school scholarships and more, visit, the philanthropic arm for the Cobb County School District with a mission to take student success to new heights.