Cobb BOE Considers Property Purchase Opening Door to New Home for Cobb Horizon High school

The Cobb County School District Board of Education made an exciting announcement on Tuesday during a called board meeting. 

The Board intends to consider the plan to purchase a property that would become the new home for Cobb Horizon High School. District administration will ask for approval of the plan at the next scheduled board meeting. 

The property is located near the intersection of Cobb Parkway and Terrell Mill Road. The more than 90,000-square-foot facility provides room for Cobb Horizon to continue growing.  

The building spans five stories, includes more than 300 parking spaces. The cost of the new property is just under $5.9 million. 

Under the plan approved by the Board of Education, Cobb Horizon High School will welcome students to the new location on August 3, 2020.  

By creating a new home for Cobb Horizon, the current Cobb Horizon building can be torn down and the property repurposed for the building of a new middle school in Marietta. If the plan goes as scheduled, the brand-new Pearson Middle School will stand where the current Cobb Horizon building sits now. The new school is expected to open its doors the very next year in August 2021.