Parents Praise Cobb Teachers for Successful Transition to Digital Classrooms

The extended closure of schools across the country may be unprecedented, but it is something Cobb teachers have spent years planning and training for thanks to the help of Cobb Schools 28-member team of technology training and integration specialists.  

From annual conferences to one-on-one instruction, the #CobbInTech specialists have helped Cobb teachers learn how to incorporate digital tools into their lesson plans. Their investment is now paying off as teachers across the Cobb County School District successfully rolled out digital lessons to their students, starting Monday. 

“Cobb teachers have the training and the digital tools they need to continue delivering high-quality digital instruction to students. The classroom setting may have changed, but our teachers still have the same dedication, resources, and supports to accomplish our mission of One Team. One Goal. Student Success,” said Marc Smith, Cobb Schools Chief Technology and Operations Officer. 

As soon as the digital lessons and detailed guidance started hitting their inboxes, parents were quick to praise Cobb teachers.  

“My child’s teacher has been keeping us updated from the very beginning and throughout the weekend,” one parent praised. “She even sent home supplies to help my child complete work at home. All the information and guidance she has provided will really help me continue my child’s learning at home!” 

Other parents offered similar accolades: 

“I have been incredibly impressed with the communication from my child’s teachers… all of them. Homeroom, art, STEM, even his P.E. teacher posted a blog this morning with activities to do.” 

“Thank you Lost Mountain Middle School teachers and staff for all your hard work to get our kids up and learning at home!!” 

“My daughter’s teachers at Lassiter have done a good job disseminating information so she knows what she needs to do. It’s a good start for day one!” 

“Durham has been great. All the teachers have updated blogs and assignments, and I have received emails from several as well. Thanks, Durham!” 

Our teachers and school leaders have not stopped meeting and collaborating on how to increase student success. They are now just doing it virtually. Some may think the teachers feel disconnected from their students, but that’s not the case. 

“I know we are apart right now, but I have never felt closer to my students, families, and teammates,” remarked one Cobb teacher.  

Apart from daily lessons, schools are finding creative ways to keep students connected to their schools. Watch and see: 

Even those parents who are new to Cobb Schools are impressed with how Cobb educators have been so supportive during the transition to digital learning. 

“This is our first year in public school after homeschooling the last two years. I already loved our school, Hayes, prior to all of this. But, I’m even more appreciative and thankful for the school and the district now. I love how both district and Hayes are trying to keep kids connected and engaged,” one Cobb parent wrote. 

Just as Cobb teachers do every day inside the classroom, they are working hard to help each and every Cobb student succeed.  

Like one parent said, “We are so thankful to be in such a great school district! The teachers have been awesome through this whole situation!” 

If you really appreciate something one of your child’s teachers is doing, please let them know. We are all in this together! 

Thank you to all our parents for working with our teachers to make this transition to digital learning so successful.