Cobb Schools Foundation Launches Fundraising Campaign to Support Cobb Students Digital Learning

With over 40% of Cobb students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, the Cobb Schools Foundation recognizes that some of our families have basic needs that need to be met during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cobb community has come together to ensure students and families have food and basic necessities. However, there are currently 1,000 Cobb students who have been identified as needing devices at home in order for them to continue their academic experience via digital learning. Students who experience a lapse in learning may experience academic challenges in the near future, and the Cobb Schools Foundation wants all students to continue to have success and have the tools and resources needed to achieve their goals.

The campaign to support Cobb students’ digital learning by providing access to digital devices is part of the Foundation’s larger Family Stabilization campaign, which aims to help families who experience unforeseen hardships that may force them out of their homes, or not have access to electricity, or other obstacles that are caused by a decrease in work and pay. Many times, these are temporary financial situations that leave permanent setbacks in students.

Once students have digital devices, Comcast and other organizations are supporting free WiFi and extending access to power/electricity for those who may experience significant hardships.

“With the community’s support, we know that we can prevent an increase in transiency and help students gain access to online learning,” said Felicia Wagner, Executive Director Cobb Schools Foundation.

The Cobb Schools Foundation is a non-profit supporting organization governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees separate from the Cobb County School Board of Education.

The Foundation’s reach is over 113,000 students, located throughout 112 schools, including 67 elementary schools, 25 middle schools, 17 high schools, one charter school, one special education center, one adult education center and one performance learning center. The Cobb County School District (CCSD) is the second-largest school system in Georgia and the 23rd largest in the nation.

How Can You Help?

Please visit the Cobb Schools Family Stabilization website to make a donation. 


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