Away from School, Cobb Counselors Still Helping Students

“I am calm. I am calm. If you say it so many times, you can trick your brain, so your brain believes that you actually are calm.”

That is the advice that fourth-grader Quinn recently gave her brother and her mom to help them relieve stress after she saw them both get a little frustrated with some schoolwork.

It is a technique Quinn learned from her school counselor Jennifer Ofiara at Garrison Mill Elementary School.

Ford Elementary School counselors knew families would all be together while schools are closed and may benefit from information on conflict resolution and how to solve problems.

Third-grader Grant used one of the techniques the counselors shared to help resolve a conflict with his older brother Luke during their time at home.

Just as the school counselors do when students are in the school building, Cobb counselors are working to help Cobb students develop the skills they need to process problems and plan goals.

“School Counselors, like teachers, were asked to modify their curriculum and lessons in a short period of time. It is beautiful to see how these professionals have been able to utilize technology to build a community where they are still supporting their students, their families, their staff, and each other,” said Dr. Melisa Marsh, Cobb Schools supervisor of school counseling.

Many Cobb school counselors are conducting individual counseling sessions with students and holding classroom lessons too. They have just switched to a virtual connection.

Our counselors are also checking in with families by phone and making sure their families have the food and other resources they need. At least one has served as a virtual guest reader during StoryTime for their students.

They are looking at what the students and families at their school need and planning their work accordingly. Many counselors at all levels are also keeping their school community updated through their school websites and newsletters.

At the high school level, counselors are helping students who have questions about college applications. How will the SAT and ACT Testing Delay Impact Students? A Cobb Counselor Has Answers.

Cobb buildings may be closed, but our counselors are still available. Their hearts are open, and they are ready to help. If you need specific guidance or support during this time, reach out to your school’s counselor.