How are Cobb Students Feeling? “Virtual hugs, Legos, and Learning”

From constant news updates about the latest on the Coronavirus to a complete change to their school routine and not being able to socialize with their friends, some people may wonder how Cobb students are faring during this unprecedented time.

Cobb School counselors at Pebblebrook High School checked in with more than 200 students to find out.

Of those surveyed, more than 70% said they were either great or okay. About 40% feel that they are getting an adequate amount of sleep and are sleeping well. Less than 5% said they haven’t been sleeping well or getting enough sleep.

As far as how they feel about their grades, again, about 70% feel either great or “well”.

For those students who may be struggling, their counselors and teachers are available to help. They are conducting individual counseling sessions with students and families.

Cobb school counselors understand that students and their families may face new challenges during this time, and the counselors have been trying to provide them with the guidance and support they need to succeed.

Some elementary counselors asked their young students to think about how they are feeling right now, what they can do when they are feeling grumpy, and what they can do when they are feeling sad.

The counselors then suggested their students make a list of the things that make them happy and share it. One student proudly displayed his list in a photo: “Hugs, Legos, mashed potatoes.”

Another counselor asked her students to read the story “The Yucky Bug” and then share ways they can stay healthy. “Washing your hands” was the popular reply. 

One counselor challenged her students to look in the mirror and say three positive things about their appearance or character. The counselor encouraged the students to get their family involved to help promote “self-love.”

There are some Cobb school counselors who have gotten quite creative trying to make sure students are not feeling anxious. Watch and see:

Cobb students may be facing new challenges, but their teachers and counselors are helping them adjust to the distance learning. Here’s a look at the second full week of digital learning.

Students are keeping a positive attitude about what’s happening around them.

Here’s what one Cobb second grader had to say about her new learning environment.

“I like it. It is fun. We get to work outside. I miss my friends, but I’m enjoying spending time with my family. Family is really important.”