Cobb Parents Say ‘Thank You’ for New 4-Day Learning Schedule

With the sudden closing of nearly every institution of learning due to COVID-19, many parents are finding themselves in a new role: school teacher. Although technology has made the transition easier, the time requirements of teaching on top of work schedules and other parental responsibilities have made it challenging for many Cobb parents. 

“Five days of teaching has been very difficult,” said one parent. 

“I was getting ready to tell my son’s teacher we need to take Fridays off,” said another, “He is burned out by the end of the week, and Fridays have been especially difficult.” 

Recognizing the needs of Cobb families, the Cobb County School District has shortened the learning week to four days, reserving Fridays for catch-up and review. Parents are grateful for the new post Spring Break schedule.  

“This is excellent,” wrote one parent in response to the decision. “I think this schedule will work better with regards to kids (and teachers) keeping up.”  

“This is great,” said another. “This is going to take a lot of pressure off people.”  

One of the many factors that led to the District’s response was the fact that every family has unique circumstances.  

“As a parent juggling an autistic 6th grader with a variety of special needs and a kindergartner, I say thank you for this decision,” one mother wrote. “This will help with their sadness by giving them an extra day for more fun and a day to earn extra credit.” 

Another parent said she had to cut work hours and was considering stopping altogether before the four-day schedule was announced.  

Showing his own appreciation, a father wrote that his experience is much different from friends in other areas of the country.  

“I’ve spoken to families of other schools in other states, and they are not having the same positive experience that we are,” he said. 

Echoing many parents from all over the District, one parent expressed their gratitude to the entire team.  

“Thanks so much to all of you, from senior leadership to everyone at the ground level,” he wrote. “As a parent of young school children, I can’t imagine being much prouder of our district.”