This is Cobb: Wheeler High School Student Launches Free Tutoring Service

In Cobb, teachers are still teaching and students are still learning, but what about the students who need a little extra help? Cobb students have stepped up to help their fellow students.  

Wheeler High School junior Ishaan Chaubey launched the free Virtual Outreach Tutoring program to connect Cobb middle school and high school students with student tutors like himself.  

“It’s a way for them to virtually learn about a subject and get the additional help they would usually get if they were in an afterschool tutoring session,” the Wheeler Magnet student explained.  

More student tutors are signing up to join Ishaan’s team every day. The student tutors are available to help students in mathematics, science, English language arts, social studies, and various fine arts such as band, chorus, and orchestra.  

The eager-to-help Wheeler student would like to expand the tutoring services offered once more tutors join his team, which they can do by going to the Virtual Outreach Tutoring program website.  

“I was inspired to create this organization because of the huge need for it, especially in our District. There are so many students going through virtual instruction, but they need help understanding a subject in much more detail,” Ishaan explained. 

The Wheeler junior knows that a lot of students in Cobb relied on afterschool tutoring programs prior to the COVID-19 closures because he was one of the tutors helping students.  

Before the District transitioned to digital learning, Ishaan volunteered as a tutor at Wheeler through his school’s Learning Linkz program.  

His virtual tutoring program also provides Ishaan and his fellow student tutors an opportunity to give back to the community and pass on what they have learned from their teachers. 

“Community service is a big thing for us high schoolers. We all want to serve the community effectively and in a successful way. We don’t have many opportunities for community service due to COVID-19 outbreak,” he added.  

The goal of the Cobb student tutors is to help as many students as possible across the District. The tutoring takes place via Zoom, which provides parents an opportunity to join in on the tutoring sessions.  

The student tutors are currently available to help middle school students from 1:45-3:45 P.M. and high schoolers from 3:45-5:45 P.M. Students who would like to sign up for the free tutoring sessions should go to the Virtual Outreach Tutoring program website. 

“Students learn very effectively if they are with another student, and many students across the district are dependent on that face-to-face [instruction] or face-to-face help and that really helps them learn a topic,” Ishaan said.  

The Wheeler Magnet student plans to continue the program throughout the summer for any students who are taking classes over the summer. He also plans to continue it throughout the next school year.  

“I want to maintain this because I see this as a very critical way for students to get help on a convenient basis,” he added.  

The hours will be adjusted once students return to school.   

In addition to thanking his fellow student tutors, Ishaan also specifically thanked some of the Cobb Schools staff who have helped him with his virtual tutoring program including Dr. Sally Creel, Cobb Schools STEM and Innovation Supervisor, and Christian Cali, Cobb Schools Science Supervisor.  

Some of the Cobb student tutors: