New Principal Profile Q&A: Jessica Appleyard, Pitner Elementary School

Question: Why are you excited about joining the Pitner Elementary School community? 

Answer: “The Pitner school community is close-knit, engaged, and values education. The teachers have an excellent reputation for being committed, student-centered, and passionate about the Pitner Patriots! The community can expect me to be all in, to work to learn every child’s name, to connect with them, and to have some fun. We are going to work together to figure out what school is like after a pandemic – this will be no easy feat, but I know we will do it together!” 

Question: What does student success look like for you? 

Answer: “To me, student success is when a student leaves elementary school with the ability to apply skills in reading, writing, and math.  Equally important to student success is a feeling of confidence, self-worth, and happiness.” 

Question: What do you like most about being an educator? 

Answer: “We have the great fortune of being able to work with the best raw material on the planet – our kids! Our students are amazing! We get to start their educational journey, and as elementary school staff members, we get to teach them the foundations of reading, writing, and math. It is truly magic when you see a child read for the very first time! 

Question: Outside school, where might students, parents, or staff members run into you? 

Answer: “You will likely find me in my backyard bird watching, taking pictures, enjoying the Marietta Square, or hanging out with my favorite person on the planet (Atticus – my nephew who is a first grader).” 

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