Join us in Saying ‘Thank You’ to Cobb Teachers and Staff

The past few weeks may look very different than school in February, January, or even last August. In fact, the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year is like none other any Cobb student or teacher has experienced. Despite all that is new and different, there is one constant. Cobb teachers, counselors, school nurses, social workers, principals—the Cobb County School District’s entire staff—remain committed to helping students succeed.  

This week, we pause to say, “THANK YOU!” to all Cobb teachers and staff who have dedicated themselves to preparing our students for success—no matter the challenges. 

“As we near the end of the most challenging school year in recent memory, I am especially grateful for and impressed with our Team. Teachers have led their classrooms, principals have led their schools, and staff has supported both in creative and innovative ways. There has never been a better time to thank our teachers with our words, our actions, and our support, particularly as we enter an unpredictable budget year,” Superintendent Chris Ragsdale. 

When schools were forced to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Cobb teachers quickly adapted to support students inside a digital classroom. Many, like Allatoona High School’s Coach Barry Cox, had to learn new skills and fast. Coach Cox previously had a reputation for not using computers. However, after the switch to digital learning, he is using Sway and Quizizz to meet with students online and is excited to learn more. 

“THANK YOU” to all the teachers who keep learning along with their students. 

Cobb teachers may be more separated from their students than they were last fall, but that has just made their hearts stretch further. 

One such teacher is Danielle Crandall from Harrison High School who recognized the need of one of her students despite the physical separation. When Ms. Crandall learned her student was responsible for helping six or so siblings, the Cobb teacher did more than just check on the student almost daily. She also bought pizzas and dropped them off at the student’s house. The educator-turned pizza delivery driver took on the new role when she learned it would take 3-4 hours for the pizza place to make the delivery if she didn’t. That delay was not acceptable to the Cobb educator who put her student’s needs first.  

She’s a teacher who deserves a big “THANK YOU!” 

Rebecca HwangBo is in the same position as other Cobb staff around the District as she juggles helping her own three children with their digital learning. Like her Cobb colleagues, her additional responsibilities at home have not diminished her commitment to her students or the community. In fact, the Allatoona Latin teacher has also found time to sew lots of masks to donate to local groups in need.  

Yes, another reason to say, “THANK YOU!” 

School buildings may be closed, but Cobb staff still care about the whole child, not just their academic needs. Thanks to a partnership with MUST Ministries, Cobb Schools staff have been able to provide 256,491 meals to students in need since schools have been closed.  The caring Cobb staff will continue to provide food for students through summer.  

That’s more than 250,000 reasons to say, “THANK YOU!” 

As the school year wraps up, more than 9,000 Cobb seniors will graduate and are prepared to take on the next phase of their academic and professional journey because of the commitment of their teachers the past 12 years.  

That “THANK YOU!” to educators has been a decade-plus in the making. 

The list goes on and on for why Cobb teachers and staff have earned a resounding “THANK YOU” for all that they do to help Cobb students succeed every day.  

Join us as we say, “THANK YOU!”