Cobb Schools Class of 2020 Includes About 9,000 Graduates, More than $100 Million in Scholarships

They have turned in their last high school assignment. They have picked up their caps and gowns. More than 80% already have plans to continue their educational journey at either a two-year or four-year college or university, and they have in excess of $100 million in scholarships backing them.  

This year about 9,000 seniors in the Cobb County School District will graduate as members of the Class of 2020. This week and next week, graduates across Cobb will pick up their diplomas during celebratory drive-through events at their specific high school, the place most seniors called home for the past four years.  

“Over the past few months, our seniors have shown resiliency, determination, and the ability to overcome obstacles. They have proven that they are ready to tackle the next phase of their lives, which makes me so proud of the Class of 2020. Our job as educators is to equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed no matter the circumstances, and I am confident that our 9,000 graduates are prepared to succeed on whichever career or educational path they have chosen,” said Cobb Schools Superintendent Chris Ragsdale.  

Graduating during an unprecedented time in the nation’s history has set the Class of 2020 apart, but the Cobb Schools Class of 2020 is distinguished for far more than wrapping up their senior year through digital learning.  

The average GPA for a Cobb valedictorian increased to 4.69. The Cobb Class of 2020 includes 23 Georgia Scholars, which is more than the past several years. Not only are more students graduating in Cobb this year, but a larger percentage of the seniors are also headed to a two-year or four-year college or university.  

McEachern High School’s class of 2020 earned more than $15.8 million in scholarships with Hillgrove High School and Wheeler High School students close behind with about $13.7 million and $12 million in scholarships respectively. Due to school closures, which make tracking more difficult, the actual scholarship totals for Cobb Schools are estimated to be even higher.  

The Class of 2020 includes graduates who will continue their educational journey at Harvard University, United States Military Academy, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, Vanderbilt University, and many more prestigious institutions around the country.  

Due to school closures, high schools across the District have created new ways to honor the Class of 2020. In addition to the celebratory cap and gown events, some schools, like Kell High School, organized separate upbeat parades that gave seniors their time in the spotlight. 

Some high schools, like South Cobb High School and Lassiter High School, created their own video farewells to the seniors. 

Elementary schools around Cobb also invited the graduates back for drive-through parades where their educational journey first started.  

The celebration of the Cobb Schools Class of 2020 will continue as the District releases videos in the coming weeks paying tribute to graduates at each school.  

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