Cobb Elementary Schools Host Parades to Celebrate Students

The end of the 2020 school year was not just a milestone for the 9,000+ seniors who graduated from Cobb high schools. Each year, fifth graders throughout Cobb celebrate the end to their elementary school journey as they look forward to their new role as middle schoolers.  

Like the seniors, the fifth graders missed out on many events that some had anticipated since they started kindergarten. They missed out on special field trips, kickball games versus the school staff, and their walk of honor through the hallways as the younger classmen looked up to them in awe, thinking “one day that will be me.” 

Recognizing that Cobb seniors were not the only ones who have earned year-end tributes, elementary schools across the District held parades in honor of the graduating fifth graders.  

In cars covered in festive signage and a rainbow of balloons, the fifth grader-like celebrities waved goodbye to their teachers and school, which had helped them pave their way to success in middle school. 

Davis Elementary School

Garrison Mill Elementary School

Rocky Mount Elementary School

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