A Time to Celebrate, A Time to Say Goodbye

Cars stretched around the school and as far down the road as you could see. Music pumped up the students who waved from their car windows as they inched forward. Some waved from moonroofs like they were celebrities in a parade. Balloons tied to their cars flapped in the breeze as their principal handed them a yard sign to commemorate their graduation from Daniell Middle School.  

Their teachers lined the parade path with signs celebrating the high school-bound eighth graders. Most had not seen their teachers—or school—since March. 2020 was supposed to be their year at Daniell Middle School—a year when they were the leaders on campus. Typically, Daniell eighth-graders cap off their final year of middle school with a formal dance, class picnic, awards ceremony, and some students even make the trip to Disney World. 

That all changed when schools were forced to close their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To help honor the eighth graders for their achievements, Daniel Principal James Rawls worked with the school’s PTSA to welcome the school leaders back to campus one more time. 

Principal Rawls only expected about 150 eighth-graders to turn out for the drive-through celebration, but far more returned to say goodbye. In fact, when 100 cars had passed by Principal Rawls, there was still a line of cars extending around the parking lot and out onto the street. Daniell’s eighth-grade class includes more than 350 students.  

The eighth-graders rolled out with an entire entourage of fans. Whole families packed the cars—even the family dog. 

That is the type of support Daniell students have had for the past three years and the type of support they will carry with them next year at Sprayberry High School.  

Like the Daniell Middle School community, other middle schools in Cobb also wanted to celebrate their eighth-graders one last time. As examples, Simpson Middle School, Hightower Trail Middle School, and Mabry Middle School also hosted car parades for their eighth-graders. Elementary schools and high schools held similar events for their graduates.  

The turnout of both staff, parents, and students at the parades around the District showed how much the Cobb school communities cared about their students and how much the students were thankful for the memories and support provided by their schools. 

Hightower Trail Middle School Hosts Parade for 8th Graders:

Simpson Middle School Celebrates 8th Graders:

Mabry Middle School Hosts Parade for 8th Graders

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