Kell High School Celebrates Class of 2020 with Commencement Ceremony

After months of waiting and longing to top off their high school graduation with an official event, the Kell High School Class of 2020 was finally able to take the walk of honor at a Commencement Ceremony, just like the Longhorns before them.  

“One of the few traits of the Class of 2020 that I think stands out the most is our resilience. Rather than let ourselves be stopped by the events of the year, we as a class had the strength and nerve to finish our high school education in a way that no class before us has ever had to,” said Kell Salutatorian Edward Dickinson Palmer Jr.  

Kell’s salutatorian went on to praise his class for showing the world in the past few months that they are prepared to go on and do great things even when massive obstacles emerge. 

As her Kell classmates lined the field of McEachern High School’s Cantrell Stadium, Kell Valedictorian Amelia Michelle Day encouraged her classmates to proceed in life with kindness.  

The graduates who were positioned six-feet apart to maintain social distancing in the age of COVID-19, listened as their principal applauded and encouraged them to reflect on their accomplishments and those who helped them reach success. He also left the students with advice for the future.  

“It’s the beginning of the rest of your life because where you are right now is not where you are going…I hope you take the time to become the best at whatever you do,” said Dr. Peter Giles. “Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is such a necessary part in the learning process, but it is only necessary if you learn from those failures.”  

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