Kennesaw Mountain closes out CCSD commencement ceremonies

KM Grad 2020

On Friday evening, July 24, the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs Class of 2020 had their commencement ceremony. It was the last of 16 commencements held over a two-week period at McEachren’s Cantrell Stadium for the high schools in the Cobb County School District.

“Over the past four years,” said Student Body President Maria Sofia Castro-Figueroa, “we have truly changed our community. Collectively we have completed over 27,000 hours of community service, earned state championships in both athletics and fine arts, and excelled academically.”

Assistant Principal Brandon Morris concurred. In his address to the graduates, he encouraged them to keep moving forward. “You have experienced one of the more ‘exceptional’ senior years in history. In spite of it all you kept working toward your goals and kept a positive outlook.”

“Graduates,” he continued, “your coursework has prepared you with the knowledge you need to be successful. Your time at KMHS has built your character and it has built your work ethic. You have made friendships that will last you well into the future. Because of this, we know you’re ready.”

“Be the best you can be, each and every day,” he concluded. “We look forward to seeing what you have to accomplish.”

In true Kennesaw spirit,” summarized Valedictorian Sasamon Omoma, “we have all conquered mountains. And now, this great unknown lies ahead of us. It’s scary for more reasons than one, but remember we’re not alone; we have our fellow Mustangs to lift us up. Congratulations Class of 2020!”

Board of Education representative Randy Scamihorn gave final food for thought to the seniors. “No one born before you or after you will ever be exactly like you,” he said. “That makes you a miracle.”

Bringing his comments full circle, Mr. Scamihorn quoted from author Phillip Brooks. “Do not pray for easy lives; pray to be stronger men and women. Do not ask for tasks equal to your powers; ask for powers equal to your task. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle; but you shall be the miracle.”

After certifying the graduation, Mr. Scamihorn gave the approval for diplomas to be distributed and the celebration began. After the diploma presentations, Class President Kaylin Ebener joined Miss Castro-Figueroa to lead their classmates in the turning of the tassels to finish the evening’s festivities.

Congratulations KMHS Class of 2020! We are very proud of you and all your fellow CCSD 2020 graduates. Go forth and make a difference every chance you get…