Wheeler Students Offer Free Computer Repairs to Cobb Families

With the Superintendent’s recent announcement that all schooling will be remote until further notice, many Cobb families will be looking for ways to save costs on technology. One enterprising group of teenagers at Wheeler High School has graciously offered its services to help out.

Howard Hua and Robert Chapman are both a part of Wheeler’s Magnet program and are interested and gifted in electronic repair, especially laptop and desktop computers. The two students saw a way they could use their expertise to help their community.

Howard, a rising senior at Wheeler High School, serves as president of the Wheeler Technical Community. He is an avid computer repair specialist and has repaired countless laptops and desktops. He is currently also working as chapter manager of World Computer Exchange Atlanta. Robert, who is a rising junior at Wheeler, also has extensive experience in computer repair.

“Our mission is simple,” said Howard. “We want to make sure every student has access to online learning.”

To facilitate this, the Wheeler Technical Community will be offering free computer consultation and repair for Cobb County students and families looking to fix their broken electronics. Labor is free, but there will be a fee if parts are necessary to complete the repair.

“I think this opportunity will benefit our entire community,” Howard said. “Students who need electronic devices and have broken ones at home can get them up and running for learning this coming school year.”

For more information and instructions on how to sign up for this helpful service from the Wheeler Technical Community, please click this link.

Wheeler Hosts Scientific Calculator Donation Drive to Help Students in Need

Another initiative taking place within the Wheeler community is a calculator drive for students to use at home during remote learning. The school’s Math Department identified the student need and reached out to the Academic Booster Club and the PTSA for help.

“The response has been remarkable,” said Principal Paul Gillihan. “The Wildcat community is strong and supportive of all our students.”

So far, nearly 200 scientific calculators have been donated to the school, but they need at least 400. Donations can be sent directly to the school, or by gifting calculators through their Amazon wishlist.

Wheeler Academic Booster Club
c/o Wheeler High School
375 Holt Rd
Marietta, GA 30068

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