Cobb Celebrates First Day Success!

Around the Cobb County School District today, students were logging in to their classes and meeting their teachers using CTLS Learn. The brand-new online learning platform performed well and met expectations for the state’s second-largest school district.

The first day of school is always a time of transition, with summer break coming to an official end. Students and teachers alike are excited and apprehensive about the school year ahead. In a typical year, students are finding their classrooms, getting to know their teachers, and getting reacquainted with friends. And while the remote learning environment on CTLS was different, it was also familiar.

While some teachers taught from home, others taught from their classrooms. Most had already performed practice runs over the last week, and were well-prepared for remote teaching.

As both a teacher and a parent, Melissa Bednarski-Lummis was very happy with how the first day went. “I can’t scream loud enough how proud I am,” she said. “Today is a day to be proud.”

Other parents were happy too. “Teachers and staff have done an AWESOME job today!” one wrote. “A high school, middle school, and elementary student all signed in and engaged in virtual learning! I honestly am impressed with how well it went!”

More than 100,000 Cobb students logged in, accounting for nearly 5.5 million hits on CTLS overall. Technical issues can always be expected when so many students are trying to utilize an online tool at one time, but the few early glitches that did arise were quickly worked out.

“We had some technical difficulties at our house this morning, but Cobb teachers are amazing!” said one parent. “Both of my children’s teachers have been quick to communicate and help us in every way they can.”

“Today went very well for my kindergartener,” said another parent. “We had issues with the Zoom freezing up here and there, but when he was done he said he really liked it.”

“I loved it!” said one second-grade student. “I wish we were at school, but I got to see my friends and my teacher, and it was so much fun!”

“My day at digital school was very fun,” said another student. “We did some art today. I got to use my monitor. I love it so much.”

For more information on Cobb Schools’ remote learning plan, Cobb Learning Everywhere, please click here.

For more information on CTLS Learn, please click here.

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