Cobb Churches Generously Give to Help Students and Families

In response to Superintendent Chris Ragsdale’s announcement that Cobb Schools would be learning remotely until classroom instruction is safe, churches around the county have been more than generous. Offering money, food, and other resources, several Cobb churches have been a blessing to many students and families.

A major need during the first weeks of school has been digital devices. Mr. Ragsdale promised that every student that required one would receive one. The District is taking delivery of 750 Chromebooks today, with 1900 more on the way.

But due to COVID-19, many schools all over the United States are choosing online learning and devices have been in high demand. The District received nearly 6000 requests the weekend before school started on August 17. This was in addition to more than 32,000 requests prior to that time.

Upon hearing of Cobb’s remote learning plans, leaders at The Square Church jumped into action. Located next to Smyrna Elementary, the church raised nearly $20,000 for laptops and composition notebooks to be purchased for Smyrna students. Thanks to Square Church’s generosity over 120 laptops and 700 composition notebooks were donated.

“This was such a radical story of generosity, community, and neighborly love,” said Smyrna music teacher Kristin Leslie. “Our entire school has been truly affected and uplifted by this incredible act of love and kindness.”

A similar story emerged from North Metro Church. When needs were made known to the North Metro congregation, they responded overwhelmingly by raising $75,000 for device purchases for district students.

“The church asked for help to support students in Marietta City and Cobb Schools,” said Cobb Schools Foundation director Felicia Wagner. “The congregation really dug deep and gave very generously.” Over $150,000 was raised by North Metro Church congregants to help students in both school districts.

“As a church, our vision statement is ‘BE MISSED’,” said North Metro’s Executive Pastor John Maggard. “We are constantly seeking and trying to take action so that if North Metro Church were to disappear, we would be missed in our community. Naturally, as this pandemic has continued and has now disrupted our school system, we felt a strong calling to support our local schools.”

Staff members at Cedarcrest Church in Acworth also wanted to find unique ways to help out in their community. “We opened up a shared learning center at the church,” said Cedarcrest Communications Director Sami Barrett. “We wanted to provide a free place for under-resourced children in our community to learn, be fed, and have fun! We have been able to serve students from McCall, Picketts Mill, and Acworth Elementary.”

The needs of Cobb students have increased significantly due to the effects of the pandemic. This year alone, the Cobb Schools Foundation has received over $150,000 to support technology needs throughout the District. Thanks to strong support from many churches in the county, the District is able to continue supporting the increased number of families who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

“We cannot possibly share our deep gratitude with each member of these congregations,” said Ms. Wagner, “but we do want everyone to know that Cobb’s community of faith supports student success every day. On behalf of everyone from the Cobb Schools Foundation: Thank You! We cannot possibly say it too often.”

The Cobb Schools Foundation’s mission is to take student success to new heights. If you would like to learn more about the Cobb Schools Foundation, please click here or call 770-426-3390.