Cobb Schools Updating Website to Improve Customer Service

Beginning this weekend, the Cobb Schools community will notice a distinct difference in the way our district website looks and feels.

In an effort to make our website more user friendly and more responsive for users, we are proud to introduce you to the same community-focused information about the District with a new, customer friendly look and feel.

Our new website design is ADA compliant to serve everyone in our community and offers easy-to-use-translation for our non-English speakers. We’ll also be showcasing a “Find it Fast” menu to allow quick and easy access to our most frequently used links. Information which was staff-specific has been placed on the District’s intranet which is accessible by all District employees.

The new site will be a “one-stop-shop” for community members searching for news and information regarding all things Cobb Schools related. Our most recent articles, school news, board updates, videos, podcasts, and community information, will all be housed in one, easy-to-access location.

While we understand that many in our community have grown comfortable with our old website, we genuinely believe that making these changes will improve our ability to serve you…and we will be able to do so in a legally compliant way. Our highest priorities are providing a high-quality education to all of our students and offering first-class customer service to every single member of our community.

Thank you for your support. This community is the reason that Cobb is the best place in the world to teach, lead, and learn.