63 Students From 10 Cobb High Schools Named Semifinalists For 2012 National Merit Scholarships

Sixty-three students from ten Cobb high schools are among the 16,000 semifinalists for the 2012 National Merit Scholarship Program! These seniors now have an opportunity to compete for the 8,300 National Merit Scholarships that will be offered in Spring 2012. Cobb’s National Merit Scholarship semifinalists are:

Agudelo, Marianna E.
Bhat, Suraj M.
Daniels, Clara M.
Perera, Nirosha D.
Shen, Angela

Figlewicz, Kevin C.

Radford, Dylan L.
Ulman, William T.

de Noyelles, Shane R.
Salerno, Louis W.

French, Austin L.
Gilreath, Nicole L.
Lee, Joshua G.
Morlan, William O.

Zhang, Tiffany

Black, Joseph M.
Ciulla, Alyse M.
Einertson, Christian J.

Williams, Alexander G.

Abid, Ali
Albert, Jacob M.
Baek, So R.
Braunstein, Aaron R.
Carpenter, Slok J.
Davis, Lane G.
Durkota, Tyler J.
Greenwald, Corey
Gross, Alexander P.
Harvey, Cameron O.
Humble, Ryan A.
Jin, Denny
Kane, Bennett R.
Kim, Esther H.
Kim, Hyun T.
Kudo, Tatsuya
Landry, Tanner M.
Layman, Thomas S.
Liu, Mingzhao
McQuade, Sarah V.
Ong, Kah M.
Seco, Benjamin P.
Wang, Charles M.
Wang, Emily J.
Wang, Lisa
Whitten, Julia L.
Zhang, Angie
Zheng, Claus C.

Biddle, Michael S.
Brock, Catherine F.
Gillen, Stephen E.
Gutmann, William C.
Kreus, Daniel E.
Long, Keagan B.
Lu, Wayne
Maran, Gautham V.
Mishra, Sameer
Paul, Deborah M.
Prathibha, Pradeep S.
Singleton, Marc D.
Wolfson, Daniel
Yao, Benjamin
Zhang, Lei
Zhu, Edward

The number of semifinalists named in each state is in proportion to its percentage of the national total of high school graduating seniors and is based on performance on the 2011 Preliminary SAT (PSAT). To be considered for a Merit Scholarship, semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the finalist level of the competition. To become a finalist, the student must have a record of high performance during high school, earn SAT scores that confirm the student’s earlier performance and receive a recommendation from his or her principal. The semifinalist and a school counselor work together to submit a detailed scholarship application, which also requires a written essay and details about the student’s involvement in school and the community.

The non-profit National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) will announce the program finalists in April 2012. Approximately half of the finalists will go on to win one 8,300 National Merit Scholarship awards, earning the Merit Scholar title.

For more information about the National Merit Scholarship, visit www.nationalmerit.org.