Multicultural Literature Students at Oakwood High Meet Author

Oakwood High School students Adrienne Baker, Felecia Carter, Henrietta Harris and Carrie Reynolds recently took advantage of an opportunity to meet the author whose works they’ve been studying. As part of a project in teacher Shari Atkinson’s Multicultural Literature class, these young ladies read and analyzed poems by author Judith Ortiz Cofer and posted their analyses to a blog.

With Cofer scheduled to appear at a Nov. 5 Language Arts inservice for District teachers, Language Arts supervisor Carolyn Waters extended an invitation to the Oakwood students to attend Cofer’s discussion. They met Cofer in person and their analyses were used to introduce the author to her audience.

After the event, Mrs. Atkinson asked Carrie Reynolds if meeting the author inspired her to read more of Cofer’s works. Carrie replied, “no, it makes me want to become a writer.”