Kell Teachers Put Down Their Razors To Grow Beards For Charity

A recent trend in college has been the tradition of not shaving in the month of November. This practice in recent years has trickled down to the high school ranks. Students at Kell High School started asking their teachers to participate. Teachers volunteered to participate in this program in exchange for their students raising money for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The University of Georgia raised over $237,000 last year for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, making them the 5th largest contributor to Children’s. In an effort to increase their fundraising, they began to reach out to high schools in Georgia by hosting Mini-Marathons. Beginning Nov. 1, many male teachers at Kell High School put down their razors! As long as students continued to bring in money or if their students raised at least $150, teachers would keep growing their beards.

As of Nov. 30, Kell High School has raised over $1600.00. This money will be presented at the Mini-Dance Marathon held at Walton High School on January 19, 2008. Any schools interested in contributing to this fundraiser or interested in participating in the Mini-dance marathon should contact either Ben Needle at Kell High School or Brendan Wright at UGA.