Green Acres Elem. Students Raise More Than $2,000 for American Cancer Society

In just one week, students at Green Acres Elementary School raised over $2,000 for the American Cancer Society, a record for the school. The most money raised previously was $1,600. The Relay for Life annual sticker contest began in 2003, allowing students to purchase stickers for ten cents, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society.

These students had a clear understanding of the importance of their participation. PE Specialist Laurie Lincoln explained to students that the American Cancer Society uses donations for research to cure cancer. The students talked about what cancer is and how it affects the body. In addition, Lincoln gave examples of teachers and students at Green Acres who have survived the disease. After discussing the importance of the American Cancer Society, the students were charged up and determined to help their class win the sticker contest, but more importantly, help find a cure for cancer.