Varner Elementary Sends Care Packages To Troops Serving Overseas

varner_troops.jpg During the months before the holidays, Varner Elementary School, in Powder Springs, worked on sending care packages, thank you letters and holiday cards from the students to family members serving in Iraq. A very special team of staff members at the school had sent letters home to the Varner families requesting a $2.00 donation along with some items from a listing of products which is missed by soldiers serving our country far from home. 
Eleven students from the Varner School families had a family member serving overseas and requested that their loved one be sent a care package to the deployment area for the holiday.  
Many teachers at the school included the special request of letter and cards for the soldiers in their lesson plans. The school received over 400 dollars in donated funds and 12 large care packages were mailed from the Powder Springs Post Office for on time delivery from Powder Springs, Georgia, United States of America to their destination in the Middle East. The post office employees were helpful by reinforcing all the special boxes for extra care and extra tape.
The team of members who helped with collections and packaging of the care packages were dedicated to making the military members receive a great care package each and some very touching letters and cards from the students of Varner. The whole school worked together for the success of the project.  
This is the second year that Varner Elementary has collected and successfully sent care packages to the men and women serving our country overseas.