Cobb Mentoring Matters Program Celebrates First Anniversary

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Cobb Mentoring Matters (CMM) celebrated its one year anniversary in January during National Mentoring Month! We are very excited that we’ve been able to create a brand for our District that schools, parents and the community at large can embrace and play a critical role in the lives of our students. Our theme for this year is “Discovering and Nurturing the Gifts in our Students.” The Mentors in this program are second to none and range from 18- 84 years old and range from college students to district staff, retired educators, college professors, blue-collar workers, housewives and engineers.

CMM has set a standard of excellence befitting the standards that have been set by our District Leaders. We’ve adopted the District’s Core Values of Achievement, Integrity, Creativity/Innovation and Accountability.

In celebration of the program, our Mentors participated in two “Lunch and Learn” sessions that served to enhance the match relationships. The training focused on Developing Skills for Relating to Children and Youth. On Monday, Feb. 18, our Mentors and students took a trip to The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum with a focus on educating our students on the importance of Civic Engagement.

The CMM staff received national recognition in January presenting the topic “Igniting a School-Based Mentoring Program from the Inside Out” at the National Mentoring Summit 2013 in Washington DC.

We salute and say thank you to each principal and school staff in more than 50 schools in our district that have so graciously collaborated with CMM in the referral and matching process or assisted us by hosting a training session at your school. To date CMM has matched over 80 students since our launch in January of 2012.

The goal of Cobb Mentoring Matters is to continue to build upon one of the most cost effective ways to impact the life of a student….one to one Mentoring! Please visit our website for more information and photos of our program and how you can “Join the Movement” at

Submitted by Maryellen Gomes, Cobb Mentoring Matters