Hightower Trail Teacher Re Marzullo Publishes Young Adult Fiction Book

ReMarzullo Aurelia “Re” Marzullo, eighth grade English teacher at Hightower Trail Middle School, recently had her young adult fiction book SPED published by Sauvignon Press. After reading a highly-rated young adult book for her classes at HTMS, Ms. Marzullo thought, “Hey…wait…I can do that…I can write a book!”

SPED is the story of Jack Parker, an eighth grader overcoming the challenges of middle school and interacting with his small group special education class. “From day one I saw my main character, Jack Parker, fully created in my head. I knew from the start what his goal was and what obstacles he would face. Once I started writing about Jack and all his classmates, I soon realized that I enjoyed it so much. They are really fun characters to work with,” said Ms. Marzullo.

SPED_MarzulloMarzullo aims for SPED to connect with kids in late elementary and middle school. “The title might indicate it’s a book for only special ed students, but I really wrote SPED in such a way that students, both general and special education, can see something of themselves in one of the characters and take away the idea the standing up for people is as important as standing up for yourself. SPED is fast paced and funny with short chapters and lots of activity, so I think it appeals to kids from third grade and up. Teachers too are enjoying the book and giving me great feedback on the voices of the characters.”

Re Marzullo has been a Cobb County teacher for 19 years, having served at Mabry Middle and Kell High schools before joining Hightower Trail seven years ago.

SPED is available on Amazon in print and digital editions.