UPDATE: Washington Post Ranks 12 Cobb County High Schools Among Nation’s Top Challenging Schools

UPDATE #2 (4.26.13): The Challenge Index has been recalculated again, including changes to individual schools’ index scores. Pebblebrook High School was added to the list during this update, ranked at 1,935. The list below has been changed to reflect the national rankings.

UPDATE: Pope High School successfully petitioned to be included among the ranked schools in the Challenge Index. The national and state rankings were recalculated by The Washington Post‘s database to reflect this and other additions.

The Washington Post included 12 Cobb County high schools in its list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools, a ranking system based on participation rates for college-level exams. The Challenge Index calculates the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school each year, divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year. A ratio of 1.000 means the school had as many tests as graduates.

The Challenge Index database includes scores for more than 1,900 high schools across the country, sortable by region and state. Cobb’s listed schools and their respective index scores (which determine rank) are below, in the order of national rank:

Walton (167 – 4.484)
Lassiter (372 – 3.309)
Harrison (587 – 2.660)
Campbell (845 – 2.241)
Pope (884 – 2.181)
Wheeler (958 – 2.070)
Sprayberry (1135 – 1.867)
Kennesaw Mountain (1149 – 1.849)
Kell (1299- 1.705)
North Cobb (1326 – 1.675)
Hillgrove (1780 – 1.223)
Pebblebrook (1935 – 1.065)

More information about the Challenge Index, including the selection criteria and FAQs, is available from The Washington Post.