Floyd Middle School Tech Club Learns Coding During Computer Science Education Week Dec. 9-15


Students in Floyd Middle School’s Tech Club recently joined millions of students across the nation in discovering the coolness of coding! As part of Computer Science Education Week Dec. 9 -15, Code.org promoted the ‘Hour of Code,’ challenging teachers to immerse as many students as possible in computer programming. Floyd students learned how to create holiday cards using SCRATCH, a computer coding program for kids developed by MIT.

The ‘Hour of Code’ initiative was launched in response to the widening gap in the number students in college earning a computer science degree and the need for jobs relating to computing. Code.org predicts that by 2020 there will be one million more jobs than students in the computer science field.

Floyd Tech Club sponsors Courtney L. Teague and Dr. Mary Mwangi said that the kids really enjoyed learning basic coding and that coding embodies creating, thinking critically, communicating, and collaborating. Learning to code requires higher level thinking skills such as evaluating, predicting, inferring, and analyzing which are skills that weave through all content areas. The Tech Club students are just getting started – they will continue to code and create their own apps and games.

Submitted by Courtney Teague, Floyd Middle School