Walton High School Art Students Win National Water Conservation Mural Competition


Art students in teacher Kathleen Petka’s classes at Walton High School were named grand prize winners for grades 9-12 of the national ‘Water Is Life’ mural contest backed by the foundation of famed conservationist artist Wyland. More than 35 Walton artists worked together to design and paint their 50 sq. ft. entry, which depicts various aquatic ecosystems. The contest judges said the following about the winning mural from Walton:

Prismatic effect provides unique view of water based ecosystems. Shows how water supports life in so many ways. The rendering itself was stunning and beautiful. The mural shows tremendous forethought and pre-planning and a clear objective.

The Wyland Foundation sponsored the contest this fall, providing 300 schools nationwide with paint supplies, materials, and large-sized canvases for students to create their own conservation art. The goal of the program is to inspire students to consider the growing demands on U.S. water resources and how they can promote conservation and good stewardship of water.